Tiny Websites Add-ons

Add these powerful features to your Tiny Website

One size doesn't fit all. Do you need a specialized feature to make your tiny website perfect? We can do that. These features can be added to your tiny website at any time. We suggest starting simple with our basic site and then adding these features as you grow.

Wordpress Blog

Doodle graphic of wordpress blog design
  • Do you have something to say?
  • Do you want to build an audience?
  • Do you want to enhance your stature and reputation in your industry?
  • Do you have projects that would be better showcased ina longer format?
  • Are you committed to posting at least once a week? (a neglected blog is a big customer turn off)
A Wordpress Blog is for you.

What is a Wordpress Blog?

Wordpress is a content management system for self-publishing articles, photos, videos... really whatever you want. It's customizable, meaning we can create a blog that blends seamlessly with your Tiny Website. Once created, Wordpress allows you to publish to the web with little or no programming knowledge. Wordpress supports a variety of apps, called plugins, with nearly endless functionality.

Wordpress Blog Examples

Event Registration

When it comes to event registration there are a number of great solutions available. Here's two of our favorite solutions.

Facebook Event Feed

FB Events is great for free events and if you already promote your business on FB. This is an easy, economical way to showcase your events.

Add to your Tiny Website for $40.


If you do do larger, on-line, repeating or paid events, we recommend Eventbrite. Easy to use, with low processing fees, it has a wide range of features. It even integrates with your twitter and facebook feeds.

Single events

If you only offer occasional events, we can add a single event to your webpage on a per event basis.

Full Eventbrite Integration starts at $150.

Add a single event for $25.


Doodle graphic of ecommerce web design

Coming Soon

There are a multitude of solutions for itegratng e-commerce on your Tiny Website. We'll help you choose the right e-commerce solution that meets your business needs, works seemlessly with your credit card processor and provides safety and security for your customers.

Custom Solutions start at $750 and e-commerce hosting begins at $40 per month.

Etsy Sellers

We can create an Etsy shop integration for your Tiny Website

Priced from $40.

Your Tiny Website. As unique as your business.

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